About us

Distances-from.com is a tool to calculate distance between two points on the map. People use distance calculators to calculate distances between cities, villages or just two points on the map. To calculate distance between two cities, first you need to choose first city in our first search bar, which even enables user to type just first few letters of the name of city and then choose city and country of location. After choosing first city, you need to choose second city which is defined as destination or final location. The same strategy is used to calculate distance between villages.

On Distances-from.com you can calculate distance in different standard of measuring. For example if you would like to calculate distance in kilometres you have to choose KM in options, if you would like to get measurments in “USA” standards you can use option “Miles” to calculate distance between two choosen points.

This website enables user to measure distance on map with straight line, flight distance, road distance, walking distance, distance for bike etc. Function to measure distance between two points on the map is recently added on modern online maps. When we say two points we mean not exact addresses or cities, but just two points, places maybe without road or land, just like two geographical coordinates. It means that if you will measure distance between your house and your favourite café with a straight line (Two points on the map) maybe distance will be 5 km, but with driving directions 10 km. There is also option to add a third location to your trip, for example house of a friend and measure distance between tree places on the map. When measuring distance you have to pay attention to choose right mode of calculating distance to get right and fast results for your trip.